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Maritime Provinces and Fogo

New Brunswick

New Brunswick is the largest of the Maritime Provinces. The sea is omnipresent since no point in the province's territory is more than 180 km away from the coast.

The province shares borders with Maine and Quebec. At the Bay of Fundy you can find the highest tides in the world. Other jewels that can be found here are warm saltwater beaches, mountains, streams, large and small towns.


Newfoundland, affectionately nicknamed "The Rock", is still a well-kept secret. Which is surprising since this authentic island consists of beautiful nature and therefore a must see for nature lovers.

Because of its oceanic climate winters here are colder than at the mainland, and the summers longer and warmer. The island of Newfoundland is the easternmost point in North America.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is Canada's second-smallest province after Prince Edward Island. It is mainly composed of a peninsula surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.

Nova Scotia is famous for its bustling coastal towns, historic waterfront emblems, beautiful hikes or scenic drives.